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The Indulgence Salon


The Indulgence Salon website is what made me decide to choose Drupal as my Content Management System. Indulgence is a salon with a younger clientele, but you couldn't have guessed it from their old website. Their online image is very important to them as most of their appointments are made through their website —that was how I made my first appointment. This drives most of their clients though their website, and created a need for new content on a regular basis. When I started on the site I found out that the manager was making updates on an old table-based static website. The Indulgence Salon was in need of Content Management System. With Drupal I was able to categorize all the salon's services and products so that when a new service was added or when a price needed to be changed all that they needed to do was log-on and change that one thing. No more having to mess with ftp or html; they could update their website just like facebook or myspace. I completely re-designed the site from the ground-up.